Industrial Ultra-High Pressure Homogenizer

Industrial Ultra-High Pressure Homogenizer
Industrial Ultra-High Pressure Homogenizer
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    • High pressure homogenizer
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    The surface is clean and beautiful.The maximum pressure is 150Mpa. The internal materials are made of tungsten carbide, silicon nitride, ceramics and other high-strength and high-hardness wear-resistant materials with long service life and obvious breakage rate.Widely used in fine chemical, pharmaceutical, biological engineering, nanotechnology and other high-tech fields.

    The key to the preparation of nanoparticles is to control particle size and uniform particle distribution.To reduce and eliminate particle agglomeration, ultra-high pressure homogenizer USES hole blasting method, which is a relatively appropriate nanometer preparation technology at present. After high pressure over 150Mpa and multiple homogenization processes, uniform particles with particle size of 0.1-0.5um can be prepared.

    Ultra-fine particle size distribution of ink-jet ink, dye and biological wall broken by ultra-high pressure homogenizer is very good, and relatively narrow and uniform particle size distribution can be obtained.

    Industrial homogenizer can be used in awide range of applications. It is widely used for mixing liquids of highviscosity such as adhesives, beverage blenders, ceramics, pesticides etc. It isalso useful in the making of suspensions and emulsions. Moreover, ourindustrial homogenizer can be used for milling, dispersion, and granulating.

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